Monday, November 26, 2012

Our #Berrylicious #CMS special

We are running a special this week that you really can't miss out on! 

Get 25% discount off any of our #CMS websites including FREE branding & set-up of FB & Twitter pages #Berrylicious #CapeAdvert #FollowSA (hash tags for Twitter)

(#CMS stands for Content Management System and allows you to log-in and manage your own website! Very easy to manage! We'll even throw in FREE SEO set-up if u order our #CMS #Berrylicious special today!)

Our CMS website benefits: cost effective ... easy to manage ... displays well across all platforms and performs well on search engines ...

Even The Overberg wrote about it here: via @theoverberg

Connect with us!
Web (we're busy building our new site on our CMS system)

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